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C2H4® X VANS Vol.2 “Color Mutated”Version

Drawing inspiration from Sci-Fi movies in the 70s-90s, C2H4® x VANS Vol.2 reveals “Color-Mutated” Version of “Relic Stone”,“Virtual Reality Alpha” and “Nightwalker” that have released at first drop.
Both C2H4® and VANS have a commitment to detail in their creations, “Virtual Reality Beta” features the wider shoelaces made of nylon material with the reflective thread while the cloth of tongue has changed to suede corresponding to the rear. The limited version of “Nightwalker” upgrades the body materials to the blocking of suede with canvas in blue-gray and off-white while “Relic Stone”, more vivid with blue and gray in low saturation, all together build the interpretation to Vans’ classic silhouette under the C2H4®’s unique aesthetic.