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C2H4® X Mastermind JAPAN Vol.2 collection are about to launch in 2020. The collection will reveal a secret society in C2H4® “Post Human Era” Universe —— C - MASTERMIND. The design of the collection is inspired by the belief of C - MASTERMIND and the pursuit of sophisticated details. Besides that, this collaboration will present a series of hardware with encrypted message. The secret of C - MASTERMIND is hidden in the hardware and the map provided on the tag.
The collaboration has expanded the categories by including ready-to-wear, accessories, bags, footwear etc with diverse materials. C2H4® X Mastermind JAPAN Vol.2 collection will be using a new interactive form facing to the audience.
The key lies in knowledge —— C-MASTERMIND.

"Time Secret-Service"

Assigned by the STAI (Supreme Time Audit Institution) , C2H4® Time Agents' responsibility is to maintain the regulations and safety of the time trading process. While time and memory can be exchange in STAI, C2H4® Time Agent needs to monitor secretly all the exchange behavior of citizens. They have the highest level of control cover time, and hidden identity cards dispatched to them according to the authority grade. They are equipped with requisite time machine which allows them to measure time, and especial electric gun to carry out the sanctions at any time. Utilizing the Temperature Sensitive Leather which invented by ECCO® Leather, which will transform the color as the temperature changes.

“Time Secret-Service” Denim Suit will release a limited number of 200 worldwide and the number will be handwritten on the label.


The newest Case#R002 Collection “Filtered Reality” conducts a discussion of the human cognition and perception as a filter of reality - the relationship between our conscious reality and the true reality. The objective reality passes through human sensory filters, transcoded into neural signals before transmitted to the brain, eventually forms our perception of the world. Senses are the first layer of our perception of reality. After we perceived the objective phenomenon through neurotic signals, our subconscious works as a second filter to interpret the information consisting the “reality” by affecting our understanding and judgment, and become our understanding of reality in the end. Conscious reality may better be called “interpretation of reality through our subjective consciousness” which depends on the variety of perspectives formed by summary of our knowledge and experiences.

CASE #R001-X


C2H4®’s Case #R001-X (Spring/Summer 2020) collection sparks an even further discussion towards the possible social formations in the future, by illustrating an initiatory period of rebirthing cultural and economic hierarchies - Neonaissance (The Neo Renaissance), which is also a hypothetical time when the rediscovery of a new world philosophy based on the C2H4® Transhuman Universe has already been achieved. This advanced stage of “Post Human Era”, as also a chronicle continuation of “Post Human Era”, leads to a natural evolution of societal classism. Dominated by integration from all aspects, it is when the trailblazers and independent developers merged from present three explicit classes (Under Class, Human Data Storage Staff, Elite Class in last collection) thrived to find a new status.

CASE #R001

The C2H4® Case #R001 “Post Human Era” collection demonstrates new series of concepts towards the hypothetical Transhuman universe from last season’s “FM-2030” theme. In “Post Human Era”, details about the immortal society are emerged, various whimsical world settings and societal characters are presented.
Continued from last season “FM-2030”, “Post Human Era” explores the hypothetical Transhuman universe even wider as well as the brand story itself.
TIME & MEMORY, the two absolute private and objective individual retention in real world, transforms into scalable and transferable assets which gradually shaped out the new hypothetical social classism. The new human tribalism and new process of Natural Selection raised are definitely thought provoking, to every of us.

C2H4®️ x Mastermind JAPAN

The MASTERMIND aka Model TX-074 is a super intelligent type robot developed by C2H4 ROBOTICS. The TX-074 is specialized in finding solution by calculating and analyzing data.