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CASE #R009 "Aviation I"

CASE #R009 "Aviation I"

009 - “Aviation I”

With the progress of the exploration towards the sky, our dream of roaming at 30,000 feet above the ground has become a reality.

From the vacation on an isolated island to a conference in a modern city, crossing the Atlantic Ocean is now feasible within a day—flying becomes the bridge that connects time and space between humans. A new demand for wardrobe thus derived: decent yet comfortable, cosmopolitan yet effortless outfits are represented as a part of the new lifestyle. In this collection, entitled “Aviation I”, C2H4® developed pieces for the need of adjusting with rapid switches between diverse scenarios.

The 2024 Spring/Summer Collection aims to broaden apparel’s applicable situations by rekindling the relationship between leisure and formal wear. This collection’s goal is to create a complete look without any trace of effort in design or styling, as if we just landed at an airport in a 60s movie, and catches those hasty, yet decent passengers in the middle of their journey.

Envisioning the art of garment through construction and processing techinques, Case#R009 distills the quintessential essence of C2H4®'s signature silhouettes into an overall visual narrative.

This collection encompasses an repertoire of pieces, including tailored suits, casual jackets, hoodies, shirts, and tailored trousers. By seamlessly melding lightweight fabrics with meticulous tailoring, a captivating harmony is achieved, resulting in an elevated visual presentation that exudes sophistication and refinement.

Regarding silhouettes, this collection places a strong emphasis on the sculpting of upper and lower body proportions, aligning with the minimalistic nature of the spring/summer apparel category. The abbreviated length of the tops and the inclusion of double-waisted pants contribute to an ensemble that possesses a sense of layering, even when paired simply with a basic t-shirt, allowing for a well-balanced overall look.

Meticulous pattern adjustments have been made at the joints, striking a delicate balance between essential comfort for travel and an ideal silhouette enhancement.

In a deliberate departure, the distinctive garment dyeing technique that is synonymous with C2H4® has been intentionally subdued. It now serves the clothing itself rather than demanding attention, evoking a gently worn-in aesthetic, as if the products have been naturally aged over time. The final products, while seemingly effortless, reveal subtle design refinements and carefully integrated additions that enhance the essence of the pieces.,