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CASE #R002 "Filtered Reality"

CASE #R002 "Filtered Reality"


The newest Case#R002 Collection “Filtered Reality” conducts a discussion of the human cognition and perception as a filter of reality - the relationship between our conscious reality and the true reality. The objective reality passes through human sensory filters, transcoded into neural signals before transmitted to the brain, eventually forms our perception of the world. Senses are the first layer of our perception of reality. After we perceived the objective phenomenon through neurotic signals, our subconscious works as a second filter to interpret the information consisting the “reality” by affecting our understanding and judgment, and become our understanding of reality in the end. Conscious reality may better be called “interpretation of reality through our subjective consciousness” which depends on the variety of perspectives formed by summary of our knowledge and experiences.


C2H4® Mirage Experience Cinema, a habitat of illusion created in C2H4 Human Data Storage Corp. C2H4® has been expanding the boundary of story-telling, creating its own universe system and striving to explore the relationship between man and the universe. Film can spread as well as ferment the concepts into every audience who is watching. The expression of images shares the space of emotion and consciousness to a great extent. Strong emotional resonance is the projection of everyone's inner world. We injected our thought to the images, trigger the thinking and imagination of the audience, which can gather man’s understanding at here. The aim of C2H4® Mirage Experience Cinema is for audience to link back the metaphor of the contradiction between the reality perceived by your subconscious and the genuine reality.

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