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CASE #R004 "Coherence"

CASE #R004 "Coherence"

CASE #R004 "Coherence"

Case#R004 collection is a public campaign operated by Supreme Time Audit Institution which leads a discussion about —— Refining of “Time”.

Under the basic assumptions of quantum mechanics, "Observation", as a basic reasonable postulate, is the main activity that approaching a result either we obtain or create. We exist in a situation where the many-worlds interpretation is supposed to be right, and the different observations made by each person at different times will lead to diverse results.

The abstract consciousness of time is clocked to measure the passage of energy, but we have our own understanding towards the passing of time, right? Consciousness shapes reality, which we do have our own views. So how does time exist in the consciousness? We are trying to communicate at this moment, but what time is it, for you and you in another world?

How to calculate "Time", just like how many slices a cheesecake can be divided?

Here, please tell me when you are and how you think about “Time".

“Take me to the places beyond the pine, in return I bestow you a slice of time.”