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CASE #R007 "Genesis"

CASE #R007 "Genesis"

007 - “Genesis”

The meaning of matter usually lies within their origin. We reach this essence by removing the cliché and the dust. Are we limited by our senses - hearing, touch, emotion, etc - with the direct stimulation they give us? Stepping out of the information cocoon, we are inspired more deep thought.


We are obsessed with the basics. The essence of the universe, which inspired the concept of this collection.

The framework of points, lines and planes is what our physical world built on. C2H4® CASE#R007 "Genesis" Collection draws inspiration from the graphic, industrial, and architectural design from the 1940s-1970s, trying to analyse the principle of the world by this way. This time, we focus more on the minimalist lifestyle.


This collection, entitled “Genesis”, is also a new starting point for C2H4® aesthetic. We begin with the framework, filling it with basics in this collection.


The collection includes the following Capsules.

"Corbusian" - This Capsule is Inspired by Le Corbusier's architecture and industrial design.

"Lounger" - This Capsule is a physical depiction of a casual lifestyle, for casual scenario.

"Profile" - This Capsule contains the classic C2H4® oversized silhouettes.

"Founder" - This Capsule is originated from our founder's everyday basics.