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CASE #R001-X


“Antiques from Post Human Era” Exhibition

Antiques from Post Human Era will exhibit a selection of treasures which were collected from the “Post Human Era”, also after application in “Neonaissance” which kept the organic silhouette. What is shown is the Original Living Environment, Existence Analyzation and also Application in “Neonaissance” for each Antiques.


Plastic, C2H4 HDS ONLY,

Integrity N/A

R001-X041 Silver Stereoscopic Earrings, $85

Encoding Quantum Key, which has a backstory of accidentally getting lost through the Post Human Era. With the suspicion of being a key part of “safe containing” which in turn collects precious human data; At the beginning of Neonaissance, the key was found in the factory channel, which then went on to be used as R001-X041 earrings in “Neonaissance”, featuring its origin inner core memory and function.


Rusty Cemented Carbide, Abandon City

210.0mm, Adjustable

R001-X040 Silver Stereoscopic Bracelet, $375

The suspicions over-riding the “Underclass” habitat during Post Human Era is that, after analyzing, it was identified to be the debris of the core area of the construction.C2H4 in Neonaissance then reorganized it by injecting the “immortality ability”, originally from Elite Class, directly applying it into the R001-X040 bracelet.


55%Glass, 45%Gem Stone

Microscope Slides with Cuban Link, Inanimate Biospecimen

R001-X043 Silver Fluent Layered Bracelet, $285

Biological specimens of the Organic Research Projects Agency found that, until “Neonaissance”, the recording of rare time genes that R001-X043 bracelet inhabited would use this specimen as a prototype, retaining its biological activity.


Infinite Cold Fragments

23.5’ 45’/15.7’32’, November, the Post Human Era

R001-X042 Silver Two-Piece Necklace, $175

The floating islands recorded by the Interstellar Development Research Council had been doubted that they existed in the real world, There are indeed fragments of iceberg left over, but the appearance needed further investigation. In “Neonaissance”, the iceberg fragments were used as R001-X042 necklaces and the supernatural power of floating islands is still maintained.